Do We Really Need Another Health Resource?

Every day I am inundated with a new diet idea, lifestyle, plan, essential oil or miracle pill. Should I eat more chicken? Or less? Go vegan? Is Keto actually healthy? What is ocean-farmed fish? And don't even get me started on lectins. 

What a mess.

There are so many voices clamoring for our attention in the health arena. Everyone is an expert, and they all seem to be contradicting each other or mass-marketing the next wave of probiotics. For real, ya'll. And somehow, I seem to be getting sicker. Doesn't that suck? 

I don't know how to navigate all of this, and I'm guessing you might be a bit overwhelmed too. This is why we've started this website. I want to share what's working for me, because just will help you too. I'm not going to over-promise and tell you I have discovered the Holy Grail of medicine. Far from it. But the team of women sharing these resources, writing these blogs, and shooting these videos are real people. They have real stories, and they're struggling to start feeling awesome too. 

Let's start there. Friend, you are not alone. If you are confused about how to regain health, stop having chronic pain, lose weight, or have energy again - you are not alone. And that confused feeling in your mind? You're not alone in that either. Getting healthy in our modern age is a HUGE, confusing undertaking. But's it's worth it.

Don't quit. Don't give up. Don't stop fighting.

Right now I have about eight test kits sitting on my kitchen and bathroom counters. The whole ordeal makes my head spin. Some of the kits I bought online so I could actually control something about my health. I flipped out the other day after another receptionist told me the  "Next available appointment with Dr. _____ is eight months from now..." Oh, thanks! I'm pretty sure I'll be dead by then.

We wait eight months to get five minutes with a doctor who does not even listen. Are you with me? 

So...I have at-home, DIY test kits from Wellnicity and Gut-Check on my counters in a queue waiting to be completed. Even that process takes time with prerequisites like, "No antibiotics, probiotics, or supplements for 3 weeks prior to testing..." "No caffeine." (Please shoot me now.) "No antihistamines for five days..." and so on. Apparently clearing out supplements is important for correctly diagnosing your leaky gut.

But here's the deal. I want answers. I want to actually figure out what is going wrong with my body. And, I'd really like to know how these tests work. Do they work? Are they worth the money? How quick are the results? How hard is it to actually perform the tests? What will the results show me?

I look forward to reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly. To be honest, some of these tests might be a total waste of time and money. Some might be profoundly helpful. Hang tight! I'll let you know when I get my results back, and what I recommend. I don't want you to waste your time and money. I want you to feel better, sooner rather than later. And perhaps, you too, might be waiting to get into that specialist who has an eight month (or 2-year) waiting list. You can get some answers before you get to the doctor. Boom!

Listen, I hope you'll stick around for a while. I hope SFA is a place where you can land, rest, discover resources, and find answers to your health questions. And not just answers for your physical body, but help for your thoughts and spiritual needs too. That's my heart at least. Let's face it; if you are hurting physically, it absolutely effects your emotions and spirit too. It's hard to go through physical trials and keep your sanity in tact. 

So my prayer for you as we release content, ideas, and resources each week is that you will find real hope and real help for your body, mind, and soul. That you'll realize there's solidarity in the struggles. You are not alone. I can't take your pain away, but you are not alone in your pain. Please know that. 

Hang on for the ride! We are going to hit everything from awesome recipes to awesome enemas and everything in between. I believe awesome health is part of our future together.


Rachel B.