Monolaurin. What is it? Why would I take it?

Have you ever heard of Monolaurin? I hadn't until an alternative MD recommended it when my immune system was overwhelmed with Lyme Disease and other viruses. At the time, I was taking acyclovir, and I had been on that for about two years. There's a time and place for prescription drugs. My previous Lyme disease doctor saw better results with her patients when she addressed their viral load first, then attacked the Lyme bacterial infections. So off I went taking acyclovir. I do believe it helped quite a bit. 


There is a time, however, to transition off of the heavy hitters and lean into a more natural, herbal approach to reclaiming health.


Enter: Monolaurin. 


Monolaurin is a powerful antiviral and antimicrobial derived from coconut. Ever gotten a yeast infection after taking a round of antibiotics? It's no fun. One of the beautiful things about naturally derived antibiotics is they don't kill off the good bacteria in your gut that keeps your body in balance. Your gut microbiome doesn't get jilted when you use herbs or more natural substances.


Monolaurin has been in my arsenal of supplements for quite a while now. I am usually one to get side effects, but I can honestly say I haven't noticed any side effects with this particular supplement. My sense is it helps boost my own immune system's ability to knock out viruses, fungus, yeast, and bacteria. I am a fan of Monolaurin. (NOTE: If you have a coconut allergy, this is not the supplement for you.)


There aren't a lot of studies out there on this. So you may not find the hard, factual data if you're looking for it. I will leave a couple articles and links on the bottom of this post if you decide to look further into the studies. I have found that word of mouth, and experience of an actual supplement is far more valuable to me than a 10-year controlled clinical trial. There is nothing wrong with those, but sometimes they aren't necessary to find out if something is going to work.


We are all wired a little differently. Your body chemistry is not exactly like mine. It's unique to you. Would trying Monolaurin be beneficial to you? It might. You never know. 


(Photo by  Drew Hays  on  Unsplash )

(Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash)

I have noticed I don't get most common colds and I haven't had a flu virus in ages. And I don't get the flu shot. I can't fully say that Monolaurin is the reason, but it sure doesn't hurt!

One study noted that Monolaurin actually kills bacteria-resistant staph infections.


Isn't that wild? Why isn't anyone doing more research on this powerful substance? 


That's a whole other topic. 


Anyway, if you want to give it a try, here is our affiliate link to the Monolaurin brand I use.




Let us know if you notice a difference. What questions do you have about Monolaurin? For the record, I learned about Monolaurin from two different medical doctors over the years. Both physicians lean on the side of holistic, natural remedies over heavy-hitting prescription antibiotics. And I appreciate them for it. 


Have a great week.



Rachel B.