What the Hemp? The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Hemp!

  • Are you in pain?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Are you struggling with brain fog or anxiety?
  • Does your immune system feel out of sorts?


Today Rachel explains the benefits of hemp oil, provides a testimony, and helps you understand why Prime My Body is the premier option for pain-relieving hemp oil. (This is about 13 minutes in length, so be sure to set the speed faster in YouTube if you want to get the information a little quicker and save time.) Watch this video for tons of great information!


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If you decide you love this oil and it reduces your symptoms significantly, be sure to consider becoming an affiliate. This allows you to get the oil for a lower price. You don't have to sell it to others (though you can), but it gets you the best price for this great product. If that's you, click on any of the above links and click on "ENROLL" to get started. It's really simple! If you have any questions with it, be sure to shoot us an email on the "Contact" tab.



Rachel B.

Copaiba the Magic Pain-Relieving Oil

Many of you have told me how much you struggle with ongoing, persistent pain. I get that. I've been dealing with pain issues for many years now. Whenever I come across something that really works, I simply must tell people about it! 


Let's talk about Copaiba oil. In my experience, it is not a magic bullet. But it does reduce my pain, and it helps my other pain relief modalities work better. So, it has a synergistic quality about it, and it boosts other pain-relieving substances (like peppermint oil). 


So what is Copaiba oil?


It is an oil distilled from the sap of a South American tree called Copaifera. According to one source, it is said to be "one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on earth..." That sounds good, doesn't it?

(Photo by  Thought Catalog )

(Photo by Thought Catalog)

Why not give it a try? It's not as expensive as some pain-relieving items out there. And it's certainly cheaper than going to doctor after doctor. (I'm not saying you shouldn't go see your doctor.) If you do mention this oil to your physician, the likely response is that they've never heard of it. I'm always amazed at how little homework some physicians do. I don't really want a "just do the bare minimum" doctor, do you? To their credit, there is a lot coming out in modern medicine, and it is quite a feat to keep up with it all. No one can keep up with everything consistently. But if your doctor is teachable, you might mention this oil to them. I just recently told my pain management doctor about Copaiba and she thanked me. Score 1 for Western Medicine!


Moving on...


(Photo by  Christin Hume )

(Photo by Christin Hume)

If you'd like more information on Copaiba Essential Oil, I'd recommend this article here. This will give you more of the nitty gritty on what exactly it is and how it works. The biggest question for you is..."Could it actually work for me? Will it reduce my pain?" Great questions. The only way to find out how your body will respond to it is to try it out. 


You can get your hands on quality Copaiba oil here at my doTerra site. I place an emphasis on quality because many other oil brands don't check for toxins and pesticides. DoTerra has super high standards and practices for all their oils. I can't say enough good things about this company. They have integrity. Period. And that matters to me.


I have found this oil to reduce my pain. I don't get complete pain relief from it, but it does turn down the volume on my pain signals.


How do you use it?


I rub it directly on my abdomen and kidney area because that's where most of my pain resides. I also take one to two drops a couple times a day under my tongue for an extra boost. I would try it first on your skin. If you're going to have an allergic reaction to it, you don't want that to happen internally. Always try the least invasive method first. Rub it on your pain area, the bottoms of your feet, or the base of your skull. Then if that goes without any issues, try taking it under your tongue. Another great thing about Copaiba oil is that it won't give you that "heady" high feeling. It just doesn't work like that. So you get pain relief without feeling loopy or sleepy.


By the way, I find a bottle of DoTerra Copaiba oil lasts me about 4-6 weeks. Not bad for $46. (Or $35 if you decide to become a wholesale customer. Membership (like joining Costco) is $35 to sign up and $25 annually after that. The difference between retail and wholesale is huge. So you earn that $35 back pretty dang quickly...even if all you're using is Copaiba oil.) Let me just say, I hate memberships and MLM's. So I'm never gonna try to scam you here. I simply mention this option because it's a way to keep more money in your pocket. You don't have to sell DoTerra products to get wholesale prices. And you don't have to become that pushy friend who tries to sell stuff on Facebook. Lol. We all have those friends, don't we? <wink>


What do you think? Have you tried it? What helps you alleviate pain? 



Rachel B.


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PS - if you haven't used DoTerra oils, and you would like to sign up for wholesale prices, I would love to sign you up with me. I'm happy to walk you through it if you feel lost. Send me an email at RachBarrentine@gmail.com and I'll get you comfortable and set up. No pressure. No hassle. No worries. Thanks!