Lyme Disease Part 1: Prevention, General Info, and Your Pets!

(Photo by  Andreas P. )

(Photo by Andreas P.)



  • 27 sec. Story about my dog and a tick.
  • 1:05 How to pull out a tick
  • 1:20 Ticks, shapes and sizes (what they look like)
  • 2min Thistle Farms bug spray - great for ticks
  • 2:50 Main ingredient for tick repellent
  • 3:10 About Thistle Farms and why we like them
  • 4:25 Where to send the tick for testing
  • 5:20 Erlichia co-infection
  • 6 min. Standard Doxycycline protocol
  • 6:40 Why Lyme takes longer than 2 weeks to treat
  • 8:15 Summary


Don't leave home without tick protection. If you love to camp, be outdoors, take a hike, or anything like that - AWESOME! Just go out and enjoy nature PROTECTED. Please do this. Don't assume that ticks are harmless. I heard one Lyme doctor say that up to 80% of squirrels in the Bay Area in California were carriers of Lyme bacteria. Why is this important? Because ticks feast on all the critters...squirrels, deer, bunnies, etc. Whatever the critters have, the ticks then pick up and pass on to YOU if you get bitten.


Prevention is WAY CHEAPER financially then dealing with Lyme Disease once it's going. Treatment in late stage Lyme is extremely expensive, and the protocols are unclear. Spend the $15 now to prevent infection!



THISTLE FARMS LINK - for natural, DEET-free bug/tick repellent (essential oil based). It really works! PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SPRAY YOUR PET. We recommend a flea and tick collar like Soresto for dogs. Or you can spray your hand once and wipe down your pet. This particular spray makes my dog sneeze, so you may want to spray yourself outdoors so that your pet does not inhale the mist and have any respiratory distress. 


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Or you can click on our THRIVE AFFILIATE LINK for their Rose Geranium Oil.

To get your tick tested, go to TICKNOLOGY.ORG



  • What have you learned about Lyme?
  • Have you ever caught a tick on you?
  • What questions do you have about Lyme disease?

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Rachel B. (Lyme Disease Survivor!)

PS - Joey, my dog, did eat his dinner tonight! I think he got a little pooped out from our morning walk in the Nashville heat. I'll keep an eye on him though for symptoms in the next few days and weeks.

PSS - Joey's tick test came back negative for all infections. Yay! Clean tick. Who knew there was such a thing?!