Poison Or Fruit...You Choose

Over the past couple of months I have spent a lot of time in public places, specifically airports. It is draining!! (And not just because I'm an introvert.)


Photo by  Omar Prestwich  on  Unsplash

Complaining is apparently the commonly accepted small talk now. I have observed that people will complain about anything from the weather to the cable company, and everything in between, to people they don't even know!! Just overhearing these conversations sucks the life out of me. It's exhausting enough to deal with frequent travel but when everyone around you is complaining about stuff you didn't need or want to know, it's just draining.


It has, however, been a meaningful reminder of how powerful our words are. Powerful in ways we don't always take into account. Our words impact us, and those who hear them. Even the unintended hearers.


And guess what, we are in control of the words we speak!! We can choose to be encouraging or draining. We can choose to speak life, or to speak negativity.


So often we focus on how little control we have in life. Things are busy. Life is stressful. Health conditions make everything so much more difficult and often take away a sense of control in some areas of life. 


What a blessing it is to know that I am in control of the words I speak. I can bring life and encouragement to others, in spite of what my day may have held. Are there discouraging days? Absolutely. Are there legitimate things to complain about, or share? For sure!


But I can choose what to focus on, and what to share. Sometimes its even about HOW I share. I can share truth about difficult circumstances without giving in to negativity. I can share the good things that are happening in my life, even when there are also difficult things.


When you feel like everything is out of control, remember, your words are powerful and you are in control of that power!! Choose wisely.


One of the old kings of Israel, King Solomon, said it this way:

"Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit - you choose."
Proverbs 18:21


  • What's a good word someone has spoken over you that effected your life positively?
  • What are some words you've spoken over someone that brought them life?

Leave a comment and let us know!