Rachel is a Registered Nurse and the founder of SFA. She loves to share practical (and sometimes hilarious) tips to help people feel better. She's struggled with persistent Lyme disease and a myriad of health issues for over 20 years. She chooses joy, but sometimes lands on the couch with a pint of NadaMoo ice cream. She lives in Nashville, TN with her brainy husband, Derek, and their beloved old dog, Joey Smiley Wiggle Socks. 



Elizabeth has been fighting and overcoming MS since 2007, and as a result, she is a constant learner and researcher of all things, but her biggest passion is health and wellness topics.

She is proud to be a mom of 13 years, a wife of 16 years, and a life-long friend to many she has met on her journey.

In her spare time, you can find her outdoors, working out, laughing with friends and family, cooking a gourmet meal, or drinking coffee and reading a good book.



Shelly is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. She has over 20 years of experience leading worship through music. She has a passion to mentor people in the church, helping them discover their purpose, excel in their skills and grow in their faith.  

After working for 13 years in the Health and Wellness industry as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Shelly has left that field and has entered into full time ministry. Shelly has struggled with migraine headaches since childhood and has learned to fight depression and pain through worship and her faith in God. Living in Ohio with her husband Dan, Shelly travels most weekends leading worship or speaking in area churches.



Karin is a wife, mom, musician and songwriter who loves to cook, eat, and drink wine. She has experienced first hand the healing power of lingering with friends over a great meal.  Her journey through the jungle that is grocery stores, farmer’s markets, meal services and online bulk barns has given Karin many years of successes (& failures, let’s be honest) in learning how to feed her family real, healthy, local, farm-raised food - without completely breaking the bank. She has also been known to eat Nutella from a spoon. Karin lives in Nashville with her husband, Scott, and two boys, Jack and Leo.



Liz has spent over 17 years of her career in fundraising, communications, and executive leadership in the non-profit world. She has endured depression and anxiety since she was a young child, and has battled chronic migraine, lyme, and chronic pain from a back injury for the past 10 years. It thrills her to learn new ways to gain victory over thoughts and mental patterns, and find new, non-narcotic ways to manage chronic pain. She loves to share these tips and tools with those who face similar battles. Liz is also (slightly!) obsessed with the healing properties of essential oils. Liz and her husband live in Tennessee where they enjoy cooking together, riding their motorcycles, and watching old episodes of "The Dick Van Dyke Show."



Barb is a “Do-it-yourselfer” in almost every area of life.  She loves to research and find natural resources to enhance her health and that of her family and friends. She has struggled with multiple health challenges, including food sensitivities/allergies and metal toxicity but still pursues life with zeal. Chocolate helps too. She lives in NC with her brilliant husband Jim, who uses a wheelchair, math whiz son Jonathan and instigating Border collie Mars.



Brooklyn is a passionate writer with a degree in Integrated Communication, experience in the nonprofit world, and an obsessive (almost scarily so) knowledge of interpersonal communication and socialization. She has been ill with Neurological Lyme Disease for the last eight years, the disease currently keeping her from full-time work. While healing, she dabbles in professional comedic writing and underwater basket weaving. One of those is a lie. Guess which. Brooklyn lives in Colorado with her parents and enjoys socializing with friends, watching educational YouTube videos, and cuddling with her clingy cat, Sophie, in her spare time.



Namra is a big believer in genuine connections and honest time spent. “People need to know that you care before they care what you know” is one of her life sayings.  She has worked with teenagers for the last 20 years through ministry, mission trips and public education. Through her struggles with codependency and self-esteem issues, she has gained many tools and techniques to build healthy boundaries and to love others without losing herself. She depends on God’s guidance and goodness through it all. Namra loves to travel with her amazing husband, Ken, sharing family dinners with her three adult kids and curling up on her giant green chair to read  and write. She calls Gilroy, CA her home sweet home.

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Lorri was a research analyst with the FBI for 14 years before she decided to become a mom. She was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and has been learning to live with it ever since. She is an eternal student when it comes to improving her quality of life and overcoming the effects of her disease. Lorri has also been dealing with thyroid issues since 1989, so she’s no stranger to chronic illness. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, John, their son, Johnny, and three incredibly silly German Shepherds.