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Copaiba Oil

Copaiba is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief. It may not take your pain to a "zero" but it definitely reduces pain. Apply directly to your pain area, or take 1-2 drops orally twice daily. Start with topical first to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction.


ThermiPaq Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap

These particular ice packs aren't so cold that they freeze your skin off on contact. They're a little gentler than that, and they conform to your shape making them a great choice for pain and inflammation.

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PureRelief XL - King Size Heating Pad (12" x 24")

This is by far one of the best heating pads out there. It has 5 settings and an 2-hour automatic shut off. Great for pain relief and you can even fall asleep on it without burning yourself.


FAR infared sauna

These saunas are helpful for detox, joint pain relief, and especially helpful if you have exercise intolerance. FAR infared saunas boost endorphins and increase heart-rate similar to a workout - all without leaving your home. If you are too fatigued to work out, this is a great way to "exercise", detox, and even lose weight if that's your goal. Be sure to hydrate and re-electrolyte yourself after each session. (A pinch of pink himalayan salt and lots of water will help you rehydrate.)




Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

Rachel discovered this great soap when she was struggling with itchy skin. The soothing peppermint takes the edge off and calms the itch. Just be careful not to leave it on your lady parts too's a wee bit pepperminty!


Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Absolutely love this deodorant. Smells great, keeps down the odors, and doesn't add toxins into your system. Try the Lime version too for a more citrusy fragrance. Flavored using essential oils.


Kiss My Face Toothpaste

My natural dentist recommended this toothpaste. Fluoride free, and easy on sensitive gums and teeth because the grit factor is low.


Attitude Natural Shampoo

Not all natural shampoos and conditioners are created equal. Some are non-toxic, but completely useless for cleaning and untangling your hair. This is one of the better brands I've found. It gets an "A" rating on EWG's guide and it makes your hair feel great.


Attitude Natural Hair Conditioner


Certified EWG (Environmental Working Guide) verified. Hypoallergenic and vegan.


Seventh Generation Dishwashing Pods

These work great and don't contain all the toxins typical of mainstream dishwashing pods. (If you are using Cascade or careful. They have a lot of stuff that's currently considered pretty toxic to humans.) These pods are also available at most Target stores.


Premium Silicone Enema Kit

Trust us when we say that not all enema kits are created equal. This one is well-made, easy to clean, and reusable.




This supplement is best known for its antibiotic properties. Dr. Junger along with many other natural physicians recommend this for various bacterial infections. (Recommend reading "Clean Gut" by Dr. Junger for more information.) 



A natural, coconut-derived supplement with anti-viral properties. When your immune system can't quite handle the viral load, this is a great option.


Lypo-Gold Digestive Ezymes

This particular supplement assists in fat digestion. If you have gall bladder issues or just need a boost to aid fat digestion, this is a solid option.



Calm tastes great, and is a good way to get magnesium into your system. Many magnesium supplements are hard to absorb, and they're huge pills. NOTE: If you are a Thrive Market member, the price is about 50% less than Amazon. 


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Grain-Free and Lectin-light chips

They are dang delicious. With a little lime kick. Enjoy!

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These are noodles without the carbs and calories!

They don't have much taste, but they do pick up whatever flavor you pair them with - making them a great add to pasta, pesto, or indian simmer sauce. The texture is like a slick noodle. Easy to prep and eat. FAST cooking time for EASY meals. KETO-friendly, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. You're welcome. #boom



Health and Wellness Book

Dr. Junger makes a lot of sense in this book. A great place to start when it comes to overall health, finding the root cause, and getting on track with your food, supplements, and stress.

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Fantastic Cookbook

Lectin-free, delicious recipes. Being lectin-free is not easy or fun, but Dr. Gundry does a great job in his book to provide shortcuts and delicious recipes that fuel health and healing.

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A Valuable Book for Mind Health

Joyce unpacks great truths regarding thoughts and beliefs. This is not light reading, but it is powerful and life-changing.


Macadamia Nuts to die for

We are warning you now...these are the BEST mac nuts out there. Better put a few in your hand and back away from the bag...otherwise, it's game over. Delish!


Hand-held Electric Milk Frother

This little frother is magic for a homemade cup of cocoa or golden milk. Easy to clean and take with you on road trips.